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We are an interior design firm based in Brooklyn working on high-end residential projects in New York City, Connecticut, the Hamptons, Westchester, and beyond.  


We curate beautiful spaces for our wonderful clients that reflect their lives and loves. Our designs strike a balance between warm minimalism with vibrant accents. We achieve this by layering neutral-statement-investment pieces and  sprinkling in vivid art and accessories. 


Our Creative Director, Charlene Miranda, has a unique vision for every space that is influenced by her very multi-cultural background. Having grown up in Kuwait, she spent summers in India with her grandparents where she found herself enamored with the design of her grandmother's friends homes. Upon graduating, she moved to Canada where she lived for 10 years and eventually found herself in NYC. Being somewhat of a nomad, Charlene has always had to cultivate the feeling of home wherever she lived which ultimately fueled her creativity and passion for creating homes for other people that reflect their lives and things that they love. 

Her experience with New York based, award winning interior design firms, such as Chango & co. and Michael Dawkins Home, drives her to work on high-end residential projects that incorporate custom furniture and vintage finds. We work with you and your investment to bring your vision to life. 

We want you to love your space and guide you through the exciting design development process, all the while ensuring good communication and effective collaboration.

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