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Williamsburg Condo

"Charlene is an absolute dream to work with. After moving into a 2 BR condo in New York, I needed someone who could highlight the best qualities of the space and create a vibe that was both chic and cozy at the same time. I had a few ideas stylistically about what I wanted, but Charlene crystallized the vision and brought it to life in a way that I never could have envisioned."

"The priorities for the project were the kitchen, living room, and the main bedroom. At our first design consultation, we discussed fabrics, finishes, and color palette, taking into consideration not just how the pieces and textures would look together but also how each room would feel when you walked into it. What I appreciated most about the process is Charlene's ability to merge her eye for design with creating a space that was totally personal and also functional. I had a few vintage pieces with sentimental value that I wanted to incorporate, and we found a way to feature them among the more modern design elements. It was also important to me to include some items that were locally-sourced, and Charlene was able to find some really special ceramic pieces and lighting through her relationships with artisans in the Brooklyn area. She even found a local female-owned and operated painting company to do the limewash in the bedroom. How cool is that??"

"I am so thankful to have worked with Charlene on this project. She made the entire process seamless and fun, and no detail went unconsidered. The final space is beautiful and leaves me feeling relaxed and reenergized every time I walk in the door. I could not have asked for a better partner on this project."

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